Our application process and how to succeed.

We know the recruitment process can be scary, so we've put together this guide to put you in the best position possible, when making job applications. It will take a few minutes to read through, but it will be worth your time, before completing your profile and applying for jobs.

A small aside before we dive into the process, you only need to create your profile once, and then you can use this to apply for multiple jobs. The first stage is all about you, and will remain the same no matter the job you are applying for.

First, let's talk a little bit about our process.

Our process

Our process is a simple two stage process designed to make applying for jobs easy, along with helping a business to find the right candidates for a job role.

We achieve this by asking you for what you believe to be your best skills and values, along with a short introductory video. We hate CVs and you won't be asked for one when searching for a job on our platform.

Our simple process means that you will be evaluated only on your skills and values, along with the recruiting company meeting you through your short introductory video. Your skills and values can be updated every 90 days as you are developing and learning new skills.

Stage One

The video

Let's get the scary part out the way with first. This video should be no more than 1 minute long, and should serve only as a brief introduction to you. Key focus areas:

  • No more than one minute long
  • Tell us what you are passionate about
  • Let your personality shine through. Be yourself, not what you think recruiters will want to see.

Skills and values

Answer these questions as honestly as possible, this will help you to find the right job. We have limited your ability to change these to once every 90 days. This is to stop manipulation and candidates changing their skills and values depending on the jobs they are applying for. The better way to approach this is to understand the skills required for your desired career path. Work towards developing the skills that are required, for that career.

We allow 5 Top skills and 3 secondary skills to be chosen, same for values. The reason we took this approach is to allow you to showcase your best skills, but also list out secondary skills which will still contribute to your overall fit for a role.

Stage two

Stage two is extremely simple. If you progress to stage two, that means your skills and values are a fit for the role. The recruiter already met you through your introductory video, and they want to know more about you.

The recruiter will pick 3 questions to ask you, and you can respond with a short two minute video.

The process is designed so that you are never wasting your time with phone calls, interviews amongst hundreds of other candidates, and constantly thinking about whether you will get a response from the potential employer. If you submit a video at stage two, and progress onto stage three which would be completely up to the employer, you will usually be one of very few candidates at this point, whose skills, values and personality are a great fit for the business. If you are spending your time going to an interview, you know it's worth it.


Our recruitment process is designed to make recruitment a positive experience for everyone involved. Our platform enforces best practices with recruiters, which makes candidate experience excellent. Here's one example... Have you ever applied for a job and never heard back? You won't get that on our platform, it's not possible. We've talked to and researched the pain points that candidates experience, and we aim to eliminate them from the process altogether.